Monday, September 4, 2017

A Regular Oil Change Schedule Is Important For Your Car's Health

To keep your car running smoothly, it's important to have a regular oil change. Whether you do it yourself, have a mechanic who does your routine maintenance, or drive through one of those quick-shops, you want to make sure you are having your vehicle's oil changed about every 3 months or 5,000 miles. If you neglect this seemingly small part of maintaining your automobile, you will regret it in the long run.

Why have an oil change? 
Your car engine has a lot of moving parts. The oil helps those parts move smoothly. As it runs through all the parts of your engine, it picks up some dirt along the way. Changing it not only replenishes the amount used by your vehicle, but also provides a fresh, clean supply that is free from all the grit. Without this type of service, those moving parts will begin to grind together and ultimately stop moving. That means your engine either shuts down or burns up, neither of which is a good alternative!

Other benefits 
A good shop will check more than just your oil. You'll get the benefit of having your other fluids checked or topped off, as well as a general check on things such as filters, wipers, and belts. While you don't usually need to immediately replace anything, it keeps you aware of potential problems so you can take care of them before it turns into a bigger issue.

Service record 
If you ever want to sell your car, you will have documentation that you have had it routinely serviced. This lets the potential buyer know that it has been well cared for and probably doesn't have a lot of mechanical problems. This may allow you to ask more for your vehicle than one that doesn't have that same service record available.

Most repair shops that you regularly visit will be able to accommodate your schedule. As long as you call and make an appointment, an oil change shouldn't take more than about 20 minutes. You can easily do that before work or on your lunch break. Quick-shops that specialize in this type of service are in the business of getting you in and out quickly. They are designed for those busy people who need to come on their lunch hour or just before or after work. You normally don't schedule appointments with these businesses.

Getting an oil change is a necessary part of being a car owner. To maintain your automobile's health and lessen the likelihood of costly problems down the road, keep yours on a regular schedule!

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