Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Stiction Eliminator & FR3 - The 2-Step OIL Treatment featured on TruckU

Matt: You know what else we can do while we are up here and got the hood tied up and have easy access? Is prevent some long-term issues that may come with aggressive driving, that we keep talking about with this truck and this guy. What we are going to do is add in the Hot Shot Secret Stiction Eliminator, and the FR3 friction reducer, also from Hot Shot Secret.

Bruno: Now the Stiction Eliminator is something we use all the time here at the shop, the reason why is it guarantees 100% of stiction removal inside of your engine. You know I love a guarantee?

Matt: You do love it.

Bruno: I’m a sucker for it. The thing is, it does its job it will clean out any residual build up inside engine. Now this thing only has 5000 miles on it, but it tells you to go ahead and use it every time you change the oil. So, since he does some aggressive driving we’ll pour it in and clean out any residual oil build up or stiction build up, inside that turbo charge.

Matt: Now the FR3 Friction reducer, what that does is it utilizes Nano Technology, which means the pieces and particles that provide the lubrication are smaller and they can get in to those micro crevices, and they can get in there and they just make everything work better. The idea is, that this two-step process is going to keep your engine oil operating at a cooler temperate.

Bruno: Well the end result of that is going to be less wear and tear on your engine, you’re are to get better overall performance in terms of fuel economy and horse power as well.

Matt: Alright ill handle this job, Bruno: you got this? Matt Yeah this is my kind of work. Bruno: Shocking!

Bruno: Oh yeah just pouring something in.

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