Saturday, July 15, 2017

Diesel Extreme & EDT - The 2-Step FUEL Treatment

Your diesel's power and performance directly depend on the quality of fuel it's burning. Today's ultra-low sulfur fuel can be harmful to your truck's fuel system; from lack of lubricity, lack of corrosion resistance, and oxidation tendencies.

Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Extreme and Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT) are the perfect 2 Step Treatment for your diesel's fuel system! They will ensure your fuel will burn better and cleaner by: neutralizing acids and dispersing moisture.

Step 1: Use Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Extreme once every 6 months to remove 100% of the oxidation that constantly cycles through the fuel system, and clean any deposits on the tips of your injectors.
Step 2: Use Hot Shot's Secret EDT with each fill-up to make sure your always burning the most quality fuel; while getting the most POWER and efficiency every time you punch the accelerator!

Both Diesel Extreme and EDT also provide a powerful cetane boost, restoring the good-as-new performance to your truck.

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