Sunday, April 30, 2017

Feel The Power, AGAIN

Hot Shot’s Secret 2 Step Treatment Eliminates Stiction from your DIESEL.

-Restore original performance power.
-Scrub stiction from your oil & fuel system.
-Remove I.D.I.Ds (internal diesel injector deposits).
-Guaranteed or your money back!

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Treats ANY Size Pick Up Truck. One Year’s Worth of Stiction Protection. Enough Everyday Diesel Treatment To Turn 400 gallons of diesel fuel into Premium.

Step #1
At your next oil change, treat your OIL SYSTEM to a powerful dose of Hot Shot’s Secret STICTION ELIMINATOR.

Step #2
At your next fuel fill up, treat your FUEL SYSTEM to a potent dose of Hot Shot’s Secret DIESEL EXTREME.

Feel the Power, AGAIN

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