Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Truth About Motorkote

See how leading brands' diesel additives oxidize & cause diesel sludge - while Hot Shot's Secret FR3 maintains performance.

This test shows that in a period of 100 hours at 300F, a popular retail oil-additive begins to oxidize, causing sludge and stiction.

The Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 was subject to the same test conditions; remaining crystal clear, with no signs of oxidation on the steel bearings in the test tubes.

Oil in a turbo charger can reach temperatures of 400F, which, over time breaks down engine oil causing stiction.

Some additive companies use a chlorine based additive that breaks down and oxidizes even faster than conventional oil.

This test shows the dangers of using these additives, which is not mainstream knowledge. These products include: Motorkote Hyperlube, Duralube and Prolong Engine treatment.

They contain chlorinated paraffin which should NOT be used in combustion applications.

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