Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Signs and Symptoms of Spark Plug Failure

Spark plugs are the most important part of a car to start up the engine. They conduct high tension electricity and ignite air/fuel (A/F) mixture to start the vehicle. Good spark plugs enable smooth vehicle movement, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce discharge of polluting gases.

If these plugs are unclean or damaged, it affects the performance of your car badly. This article discusses briefly the symptoms that you find in your car because of bad spark plugs, and different signs on these plugs to identify the bad ones.


Difficulty in starting: Starting problem is the most common symptom.

Engine misfire: Engine misfire makes your vehicle stammer, and emit more polluting gases. This is due to bad functioning or failure of spark plugs in at least one cylinder of the engine. The cylinder fails whenever the air/fuel mixture in its combustion chamber is not ignited.

Rough engine idle: Rough engine idle means heavy vibration occurring all through the vehicle while running. This is again due to bad spark plugs, and could lead to severe damage to the engine if ignored.

Poor acceleration: Poor acceleration is also one of the most common symptoms that can be observed. Acceleration of the vehicle goes down, and it will not pick up speed if the spark plugs of the vehicle are damaged.

Vehicle jerks: When the spark plugs malfunction, more air is sucked by the engine affecting A/F ratio, and this causes jerks while the vehicle is running. The engine starts and stops all of a sudden.

Less mileage: Bad spark plugs affect the fuel efficiency of the engine. As they become worse, the mileage of the vehicle reduces drastically.

Poor engine performance: These symptoms such as less fuel efficiency, vibrations, jerks, etc. indicate bad performance of the engine due to bad spark plugs.


Oily deposits: Deposit of oil occurs when the valves of a cylinder or piston rings are worn or split, and excess oil enters the chamber. This is indicated by grease or oil on it.

Carbon deposit on the plug: The carbon deposit is because of weak ignition voltage system or the carburetor of the vehicle taking in more air. This can be identified by soft black or gray deposits.

Ash deposits on its insulator: This occurs due to accumulation of combustion deposits on the plug. Ash is non-conducting, covers the nose of the spark plugs, and then blocks them from producing spark. Ash deposits can be clearly seen on the plug.

Chipped insulator: This may be because of pre-ignition shock causing physical damage to the plugs or because of mechanical damage by foreign elements when its transition between the electrodes happens. The damage is clearly visible when observed.

Therefore, it is sensible to check the condition of the spark plugs of your car when you see any of these signs and symptoms. Regular cleaning and replacing them whenever required gives your vehicle a long life and better engine performance.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

How To Check Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers like any other component of your car, is also an important device that keeps your windshield clean and wipes away the water when it rains. We will go through how to check the windshield washer fluid and the wiper blades themselves.

Firstly the windshield washer fluid in held in a plastic container under the hood of your car. Check to ensure that is is full of liquid, if not, it will need topping up. There are a variety of windshield washer solutions available but make sure that you do not use detergent. This has potential to clog up the lines and leave residue all over the windshield.

There is quite a range of windshield washer fluids that you can get, for example there is the concentrated type. You need to mix this with water before filling up the reservoir. There are the types that contains antifreeze in the washer solution. This type would be used in areas that get very cold in the winter season.

If you find that your windshield gets messy each time you use the wipers, it is likely that the blades of the wiper need replacing. These rubber wiper blades are quite easy to replace and not expensive and just simply slide into place.

The actual metal blades that holds the rubber component is a little more expensive so if you notice that they are corroding then consider replacing it also.

If you are unsure about how to change the blades, then check your owners manual as there would be more detailed steps in the steps required depending on the make of your car.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How Well Do You Know Your Car Battery

Perhaps the most well known part of the automobile engine outside of the mechanical world is the car's battery. Many people have experienced dead batteries. Usually, dead batteries occur at the worst possible time of the absolute busiest day of the year. When the car doesn't start, it's more likely than not your battery. It is important to monitor how well your car starts. If your car is not igniting, check your battery.

Car batteries have different roles in different cars. In electric cars, they are the main source of power. Batteries in electric cars replace the need for constant refueling, and can be charged when not in use. Batteries in standard cars are used to start the car. Without the battery, the car would not grumble itself into movement in standard cars. In hybrid vehicles, the battery plays a combination role. In city driving with stop and go movement, you'll primarily be using fuel based power. On long highway drives, the hybrid car will kick into electric power. Essentially, the battery can change what a car is classified as.

Replacing a car battery is one of the simpler tasks in maintaining a car's engine. When the car is off, simply unplug the negative and positive cables with a wrench. Remember that red is positive, black is negative. Then, put in the new battery. It may be difficult to get the cables back where they are supposed to because of the tight confines of the engine, but with a little sweat, it is do-able. Put the old battery in your car and drive over to where you purchased it so that they can dispose of it properly.

It is a good idea to change your battery every couple of years. Most folks are going to stubbornly replace it whenever the battery dies. Drivers who are proactive in their maintenance of vehicles experience less problems at bad times. Batteries are not overly expensive, either. Most auto shops will give you a discount for a battery swap, you give them your old battery and they give you a new one.

Another good idea is to keep a pair of jumper cables in your car. Jumper cables allow the use of another car's battery to help the car with the dead battery get a "jump" start. These cables have red and black ends to match the car battery. These cables can be found at any auto part store for $15 to $50, depending on the length. Don't go with the cheap cables as they may not work when you need them the most!

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Saturday, August 6, 2016