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How to Make a Thanksgiving Basket

Making a Thanksgiving basket requires filling an old basket, either a traditional shape or cornucopia shape, with fall-related objects, like pumpkins, pine cones, leaves, gourds and apples. Put together a Thanksgiving basket to use as a centerpiece or decoration with tips from an event coordinator in this free video on holiday parties.

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Free Battery Testing

See inside your battery without doing a thing. Just take your car to any NAPA Auto Parts store. They'll test it in minutes and let you know how much juice you've got.

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Hot Shot's Secret Friction Reducer

See why Hot Shot's Secret Friction Reducer is the best multi-purpose additive today!

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Great Deals Shine At NAPA

See how our NAPA SafetyLite, WhiteLite and LongLite headlights sell themselves for 30% off.

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Windshield Wiper Blades: Important For Your Safety

Tell me how your windshield wiper blades are and I will tell you the condition of your car. Worn out wiper blades are symptoms of neglected vehicle maintenance that put drivers and passengers at serious risk during rainy or snowy periods.
Rainy or snowy weather also affects driver visibility and control of the vehicle. Because 90 percent of driving decisions depend on good vision, a clean windshield is imperative. Streaking and smearing impair vision and are caused by worn windshield blades. One out of every five vehicles that goes through an inspection has worn wiper blades.
Replacement wiper blades are inexpensive and they are easy to change. Why put it off until there's a downpour or a major snowfall and your blades are chattering and smearing the windshield?
Do you need different windshield wiper blades for the winter period ?
We all tend to run to the auto parts store when winter is approaching, to get winter replacement wiper blades. Usually, winter blades are covered with a rubber membrane which are supposed to better fight against icing. However, before you make the purchase you should carefully check them. Several types of winter blades listed in catalogs of aftermarket parts or even those recommended by car manufacturers are not that effective. Several models are shorter than the "summer version" and do not cover enough windshield surface. Others are long enough but do not have the "banana" shape allowing for proper contact on the windshield over the full length. In either case this results in reduced visibility for the driver.
Windshield wiper blades should be checked regularly to ensure they offer maximum performance. If you need to replace them do not compromise on the quality and ensure they provide good coverage and adherence to the windhield. If you are unsure if the model you are considering meets those criteria ask the auto parts store about their return/credit policy. Once tested, you should be allowed to return them if the results are not conclusive.
Also, don't be afraid to ask your local mechanic for some sound advice. They constantly replace wiper blades on a wide range of car models and they should be able to tell you about the do's and don't for your particular vehicle.
Replacing windshield wiper blades should be simple process ..... but don't jump the gun and make a quick desision. You may regret it next time you drive rainy or snowy weather.

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Enjoy Fall Driving With #NAPAKnowHow

Sunroof or not, let the fresh air in and get the full effect of a good ole' fall drive.