Monday, April 8, 2013

The Importance of Getting Your Brakes Checked Regularly

Brakes are undoubtedly the one feature that is crucial to safety within a vehicle. The need to slam on the brakes to prevent an accident can arise in a split second. Because they mean the difference between life and death, brakes should be checked regularly and the parts should be replaced as necessary. Brakes send out several warning signs that indicate that there is trouble.
1. Any peculiar sounds occurring while slowing down are not to be ignored. Grinding, squealing or other strange noises could indicate that the brake pad has been worn through. Replacing the brake pad is an easy repair that does not cost much.
2. A squealing noise occurring right after a brake pad has been replaced or any other brake repair has been done could be a sign that the mechanic did not properly lubricate the brake pad. Take the car back to the mechanic right away, and they should remedy the problem.
3. Shaking of the brake pedal or steering wheel are the symptoms of a broken or damaged rotor. This should not be ignored, and the car needs to see a mechanic as soon as possible. If the rotors are still thick enough, a simple rotor rotation is an affordable fix; however, if the damage is too severe, they must be replaced.
4. The brake light lighting up could indicate a myriad of different problems and a mechanic should be consulted. One of the more common problems that triggers the brake light is the brake fluid level. This can be easily checked at home. The brake master cylinder is usually found on the driver's side of the car, under the front hood. The level of brake fluid should be closer to the maximum line than the minimum line. Low brake fluid could mean a leak or the wearing out of the brake pad. A mechanic should perform necessary checks to rule out any further problems.
Besides the obvious safety concerns, there are other financial reasons for having the car brakes checked on a regular basis. If the car is used with a worn out brake pad, this could damage the hardware of the brake system which could cost much more than a simple pad replacement. With frequent brake checks, the most repairs should be a simple and cheap brake pad replacement. Trying to save money by prolonging the time between brake checks will lead to the need to replace whole parts of the brake system which is extremely costly.

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