Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How To Extend The Life Of Your Car

There are a lot of things that a car owner, new or old, must keep in mind. One of these things that they should have in mind while having and taking care of their car are the different maintenance and automotive services necessary to extend its life and improve its performance. Some of these services focus on your car's engine. Some of them, on the other hand, focus on fuel components, the transmission, or other parts of the car.
One of the services that is available for your car and is considered part of your regular required maintenance is a Brake Service. Your car's braking system can be complex. Be sure to take your car to a trusted and experienced car repair shop who has knowledge of all the differing braking systems for each type of car. A typical Brake Service will include replacing and flushing the brake fluid, and inspecting the brake pads, rotors and cylinders. Since you depend on your brakes to stop your car when it is hurling down the road or highway at excessive speeds, this is a maintenance service that you do not want to neglect.
Another important service for your car that must be done frequently (every 3,000 miles) is the Full Service Oil and Lube. This service drains and replaces your oil, but if it is a "full service" oil and lube, then it should include much more, such as: lubricating the chassis, checking tire pressure, checking and topping off all fluids in the car, inspecting wiper blades, checking and replacing the air filter, the battery and much more. If the wiper blades are found to be defective, then they will offer a Wiper Blade Replacement.
Some people confuse all of the services provided by the Full Service Oil Change with an annual Tune Up. Your Car's Tune Up is important indeed, but it mainly focuses on replacing all the spark plugs in your car. This must be done on a regular basis. Once every 12,000 miles is recommended. By having regular tune up services performed on your car, you can improve your car's mileage and get better fuel economy.
Other important maintenance services for you car include: Fuel Injection Service, Tire Rotation and Balance, Radiator Maintenance, which involves a Radiator Flush Service, and of course the yearly State Inspection Service.
A fully equipped and reliable car repair shop should be able to provide all of these combined maintenance services for your car in one location. This way, you do not have to seek out and travel to 10 different specialists in order to have each of these services performed on a regular basis. What a nightmare that would be to keep track of, and what a nuisance! One complete car care center should have on staff trained experts in each of these areas. They will keep records of all the work done on your car and will know when you are due for your next scheduled visit, whether they are required once every 3,000 miles, once every 30,000 miles, or yearly. Also find a car shop who has reasonable prices, a good reputation, and occasional specials on their services.

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